The Elysian

About Elysian

We here at The Elysian wanted to create something unique and simple yet elegant, that both men and women could and would fall in love with.

Our high quality product is made with a genuine leather strap, that will last, but is also conforming and comfortable to wear. Its thin design makes The Elysian eye appealing and not to bulky, so it goes with any and every outfit.

The anchor is stainless steel, gold, or black plated, so it won't dull or rust out. It will stay vibrant and eye catching to everybody who sees you wearing it. Our colours were specifically picked to go with every outfit, yet still say "simple and elegant."

We have colours that nobody else has, so it makes us stand out, in the business world of jewellery. We strive to make every man and woman, feel elegant and high fashion, wearing a simply beautiful and elegant bracelet that compliments any occasion. The Elysian is for you!